Brady Studio is a Twin Cities-based design and construction office opened in 2016 by Mike Brady that focuses on modern residential landscapes and furniture. Brady (co-founder, designer, and chief builder of RO/LU) has over 20 years experience creating and installing landscapes in addition to making sculptural, conceptual, and thought-provoking furniture and objects. Brady Studio began as a way to offer fresh, well-designed exterior spaces and furniture while achieving the most within your budget.

We take a personalized approach to your space. We listen to your needs, goals, dreams, and vision of how you plan to use the space. We also get an sense of the possibilities, potential, or even the obstacles related to both the physical and financial realities of the project. We'll help you identify and understand these elements as well. The key to a good design is knowing what can be done. Then, we can have fun and develop a plan that you will love. Each project is unique and the process can adapt to your desired level of involvement.

When it's time to build, Brady Studio is obsessively committed to quality and detail. Our design guides the construction while our construction serves to further improve the design. Pulling together skills in art and design, carpentry and fabrication, land shaping and planting, we bring your space to life. We love building fences, patios, retaining walls, garden beds, decks, steps, custom outdoor seating...whatever the project entails...using wood, steel, concrete, gravel, mulch, trees, shrubs, perennials, and other natural materials. We're opposed to cookie-cutter products like vinyl edging, plastic fence panels, and cheap precast blocks or pavers in favor of custom, site-welded steel or wood edging, clay bricks, stone, quality timbers, cedar fence posts and boards, and hand-selected plants. It's important to us to leave you with work that you will love and we can be proud of.

We know your space is for you. Let's work together.

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